Power Hour Sessions

Join me for an Inspiring, Informative and Engaging 60 Minute Parenting Power Hour Session.

Are you ready to transform your parenting approach and cultivate a harmonious & nurturing family environment?

Look no further!

My exclusive Parenting Power Hour Sessions are designed to help you unlock and unleash the full potential of positive parenting and cover:

  • Digital Parenting: Smartphones, Social Media and Digital Wellbeing
    – empowering you with practical advice on how to navigate the Digital Jungle with Confidence.


  • Effective Communication:

Discover practical techniques to build strong connections and open lines of communication with your children, fostering trust and understanding.

  • Encouraging Emotional Intelligence:

Learn strategies to help your children develop emotional intelligence, resilience, and empathy, enabling them to thrive both academically and socially.

  • Building Positive Discipline:

Explore positive discipline techniques that promote cooperation, self-discipline, and mutual respect within your family dynamic.

  • Strengthening Parent-Child Bond:

Nurture a deep and meaningful bond with your children by incorporating mindful parenting practices and quality time into your daily routine.

  • Promoting Self-Care:

Understand the importance of self-care for parents and learn practical ways to prioritise your own well-being while juggling the demands of parenting.

Why Attend My Positive Parenting Power Hour Sessions?

  • Expert Guidance:

Benefit from the wisdom and expertise of my 40 years where I will share evidence-based strategies and real-life examples.

  • Interactive Power Hour:

Engage in interactive activities and a live Q&A designed to reinforce positive parenting principles and enhance your skills.

  • Supportive Community:

Connect with like-minded parents who share your passion for parenting and build a supportive network to exchange ideas and experiences.

  • Q&A Sessions:

Get personalised advice Live and bespoke insights from myself addressing your specific parenting challenges and concerns where you can ask any burning questions and get instant answers

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Exclusive download provided for all attendees around the Significant ‘C’s – The Blueprint for Raising Happy, Confident, Resilient Children.

Invest in your family or workplace well-being provision and join me for a transformative Power Hour Session.

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Embark on a journey of positivity and connection, and watch your family flourish.

Together, let’s create a harmonious and nurturing environment where love, understanding, and joy abound instead of nagging and negativity.

My Power Hour Sessions are informative, enjoyable & confidential & include the very popular  ‘Live’ Q&A session where you can ask me any burning question and get an immediate answer to reassure you.


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