Screenagers? Electronic Babysitters? How Much Screen Time is OK for your Kids?

Forget alcohol, homework and partying – the most challenging issue for parents right now is the smartphone lodged firmly in your offspring’s’ addicted fingers.

Children are spending more and more time online, and every week a new study emerges warning about the ­consequences; from social isolation to lack of concentration, to bullying, bad language and exposure to porn.

We are the first generation of parents who have got to navigate the 24/7 ‘totally on’ generation & it’s not easy! Most of us grew up in an age of no mobile phones, tablets or laptops… of books, magazines and long chats on the home phone. As parents we’re in the unique position of having no rule book, map or compass to guide us in this new world and can’t even turn to our own parents for advice.

It’s a tricky path but in this webinar, I hope to give you some tried and tested tips, and some ‘pause to ponder’ moments.

We can’t change the world that our kids find themselves in, but we can help them navigate it, and hopefully keep themselves safe along the way. We need to teach them to be self-aware, embrace the good bits & teach them to self-regulate in the long term – because that is ultimately what they need to be able to do.

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