Beat Bedwetting Without Damaging Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Parenting can be hard work and coping with bedwetting can be exhausting, frustrating and difficult.

Experts don’t fully understand why one child continues to wet the bed and another doesn’t. It could be a matter of development. Sometimes a child’s bladder is simply not developed enough to store urine for an entire night. Sometimes a child has not yet mastered the ability to recognise when their bladder is full, wake themselves up, and get to the toilet in time.

Bedwetting is more common than you think, and help is available.

Bedwetting is a treatable medical condition and it’s NOT your child’s fault.

It’s tiring, frustrating & exhausting for both you and your child but it’s important to keep the long-term bigger picture and not humiliate, blame or damage your child’s self-esteem at this time.

Be your child’s superhero and help them to manage and stop bedwetting with patience, kindness & love.

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