The Art of Compromise: Syncing Your Different Parenting Styles for your Kids’ Sake.

I’ve been coaching a lovely family where the Mum & Dad have different parenting styles. Sometimes it’s around ‘good cop’ ‘bad cop’ sometimes it’s about disagreements about the rules, sometimes it’s about what emerging teenagers should or shouldn’t be allowed to do. Same for toddlers. Sometimes it’s about over protecting or being over cautious. But […]

Do You Know YOUR Parenting Style?

There is always a lot of  debate about how much ‘Nature’ versus ‘Nurture’ influences in raising  happy, confident, well-balanced kids with great self esteem and strong mental health and I have written about this in more detail in my Raising Happy Children For Dummies book but there’s lots of research that shows there’s a big […]

It Takes a Village. How Parenting Around The World Differs.

You’ve read all the parenting books. You regularly attended parenting classes. You are an active member on your child’s PTA. You’ve watched Super Nanny a hundred times, so you consider yourself a well-informed and conscientious parent. But have you ever considered that perhaps despite there being certain universals when it comes to raising kids: A […]