Is Dad Shaming A Thing of the Past?

  Making fun of Dad has sort of changed, hasn’t it? I was recently interviewed about why society creates these stereotypes and it got me thinking. Are they outdated now that men are more hands-on as parents? Has the pandemic changed the conversation and dynamic? There are loads of memes, Tumblrs, Instagram accounts and television […]

July 19th – Why It’s Important To Not Fixate On A Date

  Britain’s ‘freedom day’ will come on July 19, says the government but like anything important, like going through a divorce, bereavement or a redundancy – it’s usually a process not an event. When we experience change, we move from what we’ve known and done to a period of transition as we adapt & begin to […]

The Power of Vulnerability & ‘Daring Greatly’ While Parenting In A Pandemic

  I am part of a Group called The Adler Café as I study the psychology of Alfred Adler as part of my continued professional development and we meet up monthly through Zoom since lockdown. Alfred Adler was an Austrian physician and psychiatrist who is best-known for forming the school of thought known as Individual […]