Are you one of the millions who now have ‘Bonus Birthdays!’ for siblings?

  Apparently millions of children get ‘bonus birthdays’ so they don’t feel left out of sibling’s celebrations. Researchers for surveyed 2,000 parents and found almost half of children are having two or more ‘birthdays’ a year because parents buy them presents on their sibling’s birthdays, as well as their own. On top of that, instead of saving […]

Thumb Blowing – The New & Very Dangerous Fainting Game for Teens

I’ve just been interviewed by about a 12 year old who was hospitalised and in a coma as he had a serious reaction to “Thumb Blowing”  the “fainting game”. It all seems rather dangerous and foolish as teenagers squat with their hands down  and blow until they hyperventilate  & then stand up and take a big breath and […]