What’s wrong with Granny? Talking to your children about Dementia

My husband is in Ireland visiting his Mum’s grave with his 94 year old Dad. Judy died during the pandemic , not due to Covid but due to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease. My father in law Arthur looked after her at home for 10 years and after her funeral we all went to Ireland to […]

“Dear Dementia” – a life changing book to help your whole family.

Every day at 5.30 pm for the last 6 years my friend Chris brings round a dinner she’s prepared for her  86 year old Mum who has Dementia. She doesn’t complain but suffers migraines and a bad back holding everything together, being the loyal, dependable one who lives two roads away from her Mum. Her […]

Dementia, Louis Theroux & making a documentary about children with autism.

I read with great interest this article in todays The Daily Telegraph as my mother in law has recently been diagnosed as having dementia and it has been very sad for my husband ringing up to hear slightly odd or disturbing stories about what has happened during each day. This article is a fascinatingly honest […]