If you’re slim you’ll be successful and win X Factor in one fell swoop – or marry a footballer

Following on from my being on Sky News discussing airbrushing and the power of media images The danger of airbrushing. Start talking to your kids before the beauty industry does ! Here are my comments about eating disorders, bullying and fashion in http://www.publicsector.net/lifestyle/article.asp?CategoryId=32&ArticleId=11754 “Is fashion more ‘killer meals’ than ‘killer heels’, Joanna Lowy asks, following […]

Worried about Eating Disorders?

      As a Mum to a 16 year old daughter  I have often kept an eye on my daughter’s attitude to food. I hope that I have modelled a positive body image to her myself in the way I talk about my body, eat, exercise and feel around food and I think she’s really […]