Basically parenting all boils down to bowels & behaviour!

I had a fun interview on BBC Radio Leeds this morning talking about a book the presenter found in his attic. We had bathing kids in tea and vinegar to reduce  their temperature, to putting whiskey in their bottle to help them sleep through.   We also heard about giving kids Steedman’s power for practically […]

Should you tell your child they’re fat?

  I was just on BBC Radio Leeds discussing this question, ‘Should you tell your child they’re fat?’ as it’s the start of National Childhood Obesity Week and nearly a quarter of British children are overweight by the age of three ! The real message behind the rather dramatic and unhelpful question on BBC Leeds was to […]

How to cut your childcare costs.

From tax breaks to sharing a nanny, there are savings to be made when it comes to caring for your little ones if you think creatively, plan ahead and have the knowledge you need to be informed. I was speaking on BBC Radio Leeds this morning about the spiralling cost of childcare. I work with […]

An hour of teaching lost each day according to Ofsted and what YOU can do about that!

I’m being interviewed on BBC Radio Leeds today about an Ofsted Report that says how chatter, calling out without permission, swinging on chairs, play fighting, throwing paper planes, using mobile phones and   quietly humming was “very common” in schools. As regular readers of my blog know – I used to be a Deputy Head and Class […]

Bringing up kids in a porn culture

I am speaking on BBC Radio Leeds later today at 12.20 about the impact violent and sexual images and films have on children – here is just an excerpt from my new book “Parenting Made Easy” that will be out next April 2012 on: Bringing up kids in a porn culture I watched Nicole Scherzinger […]