I’m on BBC Breakfast talking about Fussy Eaters.

If you suddenly have a fussy eater on your hands – you’re not alone! Lots of parents go through the same thing with their children as faddy eating is often a phase that young children go through to explore their independence, test you out and to get some of your attention (no matter how bad […]

50 Dangerous Things (You Should Let Your Children Do)!!

I was just enjoying my first cup of tea this morning and watching BBC Breakfast where they were discusssing Cotton Wool Kids and a new book that has caught the imagination of parents in America called  “50  Dangerous Things (You Should Let Your Children Do)” So it got me pondering ….. How much risk do […]

Anne Widdecombe, Strictly Come Dancing, Student Protests and Me !

I was invited onto BBC Breakfast  again today to discuss young people demonstrating and protesting  about the changes that will see maximum tuition fees treble to £9,000 a year for students. So imagine my surprise when Anne Widdecombe of “Strictly Come Dancing” fame walked into the Green Room! She was in great humour, doesn’t take […]