Kate has it ….. Morning Sickness and what to do about it !

Yesterday The Palace announced that Prince William and Kate are having a baby – which is wonderful news. Then later it was announced that Kate had gone into hospital to explore her Morning Sickness. Pregnancy Sickness Support is the only UK based charity supporting women with this condition. In its extreme form it is known […]

Get real, girls – pain is part of childbirth !

The new guidelines, announced last week,  instruct GPs to encourage women to have natural labours with as little medical  help as possible. The reason? Caesareans cost the NHS £1,200 a  time, while epidurals are around £200. Unsurprisingly, people have expressed  outrage, with critics condemning it as barbaric and even a form of legalised  torture.  Jenni […]

7 Tips for Creating a Safe Sleep Space for Your Baby

Today I’m delighted to welcome Roxanne Porter  as my guest blogger who has been caring for families for over 15 years on her website called Nanny Jobs in an attempt to reach more qualified nannies looking for work in the United States and Canada.  She is  here to help people (women AND men) that love […]

Educational TV for Babies? It Doesn’t Exist

The television has many names –  TV, the telly, the box, the  electric “babysitter”… While the last one is usually said in jest, the sad fact is there is more truth to it today than there should be.  In decades past and when I was growing up, whether and how much to let babies watch TV wasn’t […]

What’s up Mum ?

What’s up Mum is an educational resource set up in conjunction with the HSE to provide advise and information to all pregnant women and new families. They have some really lovely, helpful and informative videos so go and explore http://www.mediaconcepts.ie/whatsupmum/

Babies left to cry are highly stressed.

It often divides parents – the “let them cry” – “don’t let them cry” debate but a study in the University of Texas has found unsurprisingly that that babies left to cry have elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol, even after they have learned to settle themselves. Read more here The Telegraph What are your experiences […]

Paternity leave: Don’t we all benefit if new dads stay at home ?

I’ve just discovered downloading the Sunday papers on my Kindle ! Bliss ! So I read with interest Jemima Lewis’ article in The Sunday Telegraph about how paternity leave is good not only for children and mothers, but can help the economy, too. What do you think ?  

Many men want to share the pain of waking up in the night & treading on the Lego

In the Queen’s Speech at the state opening of parliament yesterday it was revealed that the coalition government plan to revolutionise maternity leave by allowing parents to split it between themselves. The move could allow mothers to return to work earlier after the birth of a child, but also allow fathers to be more hands-on […]