Cooking up a happy step family is like a slow burning casserole - learn the recipe!

Free Live Webinar - Wednesday the 12th December - 8pm for Parents wanting to learn the recipe

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Sue Atkins
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Details at a glance

Stepfamilies have a bad image. Think of Snow White’s jealous stepmother or Cinderella’s ugly sisters or at the other end of the spectrum, picture the unrealistically positive stepfamily, the Brady Bunch.

But real life is more complicated than either of those stepfamily models and stepchildren have to come to terms with lots of new and often confusing situations – their “new” family, their parent’s new partner, their new stepbrothers or sisters and a whole new way of life, different rules, different schools, different routines.

The whole experience can leave children feeling isolated, confused, anxious, or resentful and there can also be pressure to be a ‘perfect family’, but it takes time to get to know one another.

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to stepfamilies, and no right or wrong when it comes to describing yourself as a blended family. There are great things about being in a blended family, as well as some challenges.

In this Wednesday Webinar I’ll help you to create a positive stepfamily easily, effortlessly and naturally.

When is it?

Date: 12/12/2018

Time: 8:00 pm

You’ll learn how to:

  • Bust Those Stepfamily Myths
  • Let your Stepchild Dictate the Pace of the Relationship.
  • Deal with Disruption
  • Build Bridges Not Walls Between You
  • Look for the Benefits of being a Blended Family
  • Embrace & Manage The Challenges of Being A Blended Family
  • See Life from The Shoes & Socks Of Your Kids.
  • Create A Co-Parenting Plan That Can Help.

My Parenting Made Easy Webinars offer information, practical tips and simple strategies to help you build your confidence so you can relax knowing that you have some tried and tested techniques so you can handle whatever life with kids throws at you.