When you’re raising a family you don’t always have the time, energy or head-space to really map things out and create all the useful tools you need. Between feeding the baby and hanging out the washing, doing the school run and cooking the dinner there’s precious little time left to start planning and designing a chart or schedule, no matter how helpful it may be.

But don’t worry. From cheat sheets to revision planners, bullying diaries to reward charts. We’ve got you covered. Here you’ll find all the resources you need to make parenting a little easier, free and ready to print.

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Time Tokens

Most parents that I work with are fed up battling with their ‘Screenagers’ and trying to balance screen time with other activities. So when I discovered ‘Time Tokens‘ I gave a whoop of delight as Amanda has created a simply super new way to manage kids screen time. What I love about ‘Time Tokens’ is that it teaches a child how to manage their own time and that is brilliant, as that will empower and teach them self control. So that naturally & easily reduces battles and arguments.

But one of the best things about ‘Time Tokens’ as a former Deputy Head teacher, is that it also rewards kids with a Golden Ticket which encourages them to choose an ‘ING’ activity to do with family or friends every week – things like makING dinner, playING a game outside, going swimmING, dancING, or cookING.

I highly recommend ‘Time Tokens‘ – what are you waiting for the solution is here!
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Teething Checklist (FREE Resource)

Your child’s teething timeline

Teething is full of old wives’ tales and horror stories but even before your baby was born, little tooth buds were developing under their gums.

This guide will help you to understand when your baby’s teeth will start to appear. But as in all milestones, growing teeth is NOT a competition so don’t get too anxious about the exact ages & stages.

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The Ultimate Potty Training Readiness Checklist

It probably seems like just yesterday that you changed your toddler’s first diaper, and now you’re wondering if it’s time to start potty training.

There’s no magic age at which children are ready to start learning how to use the potty, but some develop the necessary physical and cognitive skills between 18 and 24 months of age.

This guide will help you recognise when your child is ready for this important milestone in their development.

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Top Tips for Preparing your Child for Starting School (FREE Resource)

This guide is full of handy tips to help you prepare your child for starting school – both practically and emotionally!

You’ve probably been preparing your child since they were little so relax, stay positive and just choose the bits that are helpful to you and your family and leave the rest!

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Weaning – When and How Guide (FREE Resource)

What is weaning? This term usually refers to when your baby stops breastfeeding, but whether you breast or bottle feed, this is another milestone in your child’s development.

This guide is full of hints and tips to help you with this stage including when to start, what to start with and how you can progress.

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Why Kids Need Rules Checklist (FREE Resource)

Whether it’s your toddler who’s deliberately dumped their lunch on the floor or an older child who can’t stop whining for one more game on their ipad before bedtime…

It seems children repeatedly challenge the boundaries we as parents set for them. It’s what kids do who are growing up and becoming independent. This guide provides you with information and tips, as well as short checklist, on setting the rules …

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“He’s Not Naughty” – A children’s guide to Autism

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Parenting Club Online

An online community for parents who want to be the best they can be & want to bring up happy, confident, resilient ‘Can Do Kids’.

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