Sue Interviews H – Pop Icon from STEPS on the Parentverse Podcast about Holidays with Twins as a Single LGBTQIA+ Dad

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

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Show notes:

In this episode:

  • Let’s Talk – Control. Most Domestic and Family Abuse is NOT Physical.
  • Join Sue on the Anna Williamson #1 Apple Podcast ‘Breaking Mum & Dad’ as we chat about divorce, children, co-parenting and mental health.



Sue Atkins in Conversation with H from Steps with psychologist Dr Angharad Rudkin

Holidays are changing.

One size DOESN’T fit all: The traditional family holiday is more unique than ever

Over half (56%) of single parents haven’t had a proper holiday in over two years

The pressure of being the sole, responsible adult is enough to make a quarter (26%) of single parents want to book another trip to recover straight away!

Because of this, around half (45%) of single parents prefer to book larger holiday rentals and travel with additional adults,

I’m talking to H from STEPS  and expert in family psychology, Dr Angharad Rudkin as single parents have had to be everything over the past year; teachers, chefs, entertainers, parents and breadwinners. And with over half (56%) of these multi-tasking professionals not going on a proper holiday in over two years, needless to say, they deserve a break!

The traditional family holiday is changing. According to the latest research from Vrbo

an expert in family holiday rentals, more than half (54%) of single parents are planning a holiday with their kids this year. But when one parent is in charge of the kids, the planning and packing all on their own, there’s a lot to take into account to ensure the long overdue break is relaxing for ALL the family, including the parent.

A third of single parents stated they’ve previously postponed or even cancelled holidays because they felt they couldn’t manage going on their own, especially in unfamiliar surroundings, whilst over a quarter (26%) admitted a holiday alone with their kids leaves them feeling like they need to book another trip straight afterwards to recover!


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I’ve been working with a client who has come to see me about her daughter’s anxiety but very soon she began to see that really we were talking about her.

Most domestic and family abuse is NOT physical.

Power and Coercive Control is one of the lesser talked about difficulties in relationships.

Safe relationships, equality, caring, sharing and other compassionate qualities are often slowly eroded away by controlling partners  leaving people as mere shadows of their former selves – mentally and emotionally shattered and often exhausted.

Often it is not obvious & it’s not just men who control – it can be women too – as control is often due to events that have happened in a person’s past.

Healthy relationships are in a constant state of flow & balance but respect & give & take require both partners to recognise when to give … & when to take .. or when to stand firm.

Respect isn’t about capitulating constantly to please a partner – in fact standing up to a partner often gains more respect than lying down and rolling over.

Respect in a relationship is reflected in how you treat each other on a daily basis. Even if you disagree or have an argument (and arguments do happen, even in healthy relationships!) you are able to respect and value each other’s opinions and feelings by “fighting” fair.


People have a lot of different ideas about what the word “respect” means.

Respect means upholding the basic right that every person has to make their own choices and feel safe & relaxed in their own daily lives.

In healthy relationships partners are equals.

In healthy relationships respect means that neither partner has “authority” over the other. Each partner is free to live their own life, which can include deciding to share some aspects of their life with their partner.

Respect also means that, while we may not always agree with our partners we choose to trust them and put faith in their judgment.

This trust can be built over time as your relationship progresses and you learn more about each other.

Respect means you don’t lose yourself to please your partner.

Respect isn’t about controlling someone or making them do what you want them to do. Respect is actually about the freedom to be yourself and to be loved for who you are.

Read my article here for more in-depth advice:

What is meant by coercive control?



Stacey Kelly’s wonderful books Early Years Storybox      

The Early Years Story Box by Stacey Kelly


Red Spotted Ned (The Monstrous World of Hoppity Thicket) by Chris Jones

Red Spotted Ned (The Monstrous World of Hoppity Thicket) by Chris Jones

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You are a Champion – How to be The Best You Can Be by Marcus Rashford

You are a Champion – How to be The Best You Can Be by Marcus Rashford


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Breaking Mum and Dad: The Insider’s Guide to Parenting Anxiety by Anna Williamson



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Dr Ger Graus – aspirations

Liz Stevenson – moving to Secondary School easily

Jane Evans – Trauma

Hayley Newman – Downs Sydrome


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