How Do You Introduce Your New Partner to Your Kids?

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

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Show notes:

In this episode:

  • Tips & Advice for Successful Co-Parenting

On the Parentverse:

  • Sue in Conversation with Margaret Rooke author of the best selling books Dyslexia is my Superpower (Most of the Time’)
  • Creative Successful Dyslexic
  • You Can Change the World

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I was interviewed by the Scottish Sun about Parents Treating their Children like Friends

A quarter of mums and dads from decades ago even said treating children as friends is a ‘lazy’ style of parenting, while one fifth claims it shows a lack of assertiveness.

However, parenting expert Sue Atkins, working with MAOAM, disagrees. She said: “‘Being a playful, positive parent is important as they are making memories that last a lifetime.


The Unique Struggles and Benefits Older Parents Face

The number of older mums is on the rise. Many more women are waiting until their 30s and 40s to have babies and with 2nd marriages it’s not that uncommon to have older Dads too.

  1. Financial Security  –  The first benefit of having children later in life is financial security. Older parents who’ve waited to have children have probably spent most of their adult lives working. They’re more likely to have already climbed the career ladder, received those promotions, and be financially ready to raise children.   Financial security helps be prepared for the high costs of raising a child but also allows parents to be prepared for unexpected expense
  2.  More Time to Spend with the Kids
  3. A Greater Appreciation for Being a Parent
  4. Stable Relationships
  5. Decades More Life Experience – wisdom and patience
  6. But not only are you a generation older, more than likely you’re generations older than your child. Even parents in their twenties sometimes feel out of touch with what’s going on today when it comes to their children. But older parents may be three to four decades apart from their kids, making their generations gap even larger.
  7. Exhaustion
  8. Health Concerns – Parentioners – parents and pensioners!
  9. Being Set in Your Ways
  10. Taking Care of Your Own Parents While Raising Kids



The Art of Roughhousing or Horse Play

Hope this helps – fun and physical play in moderation is great but if you are worried have a chat about your worries with your husband to find a balance – too much excitement before bedtime can make it difficult to fall asleep.


Watch my interview with Sara Davison on YouTube

Separating or going through a divorce is one of ‘life’s’ most difficult journeys. When you are separating, a lot of legal words get thrown around – custody, residence, contact, access, child arrangements, shared parenting and of course, co-parenting.

In recent years, one of the ‘buzz’ words has been ‘co-parenting’. But what does co-parenting after separation or divorce actually mean?

The basic premise of co-parenting is about ‘co-operative’ parenting. It is about parents sharing the upbringing of their children and the decisions about their children’s welfare.

Listen and watch this great interview to help navigate the choppy waters of co-parenting and introducing and living with new partner here:

Set hurt and anger aside.

Get your feelings out somewhere else. Never vent to your child. …

Stay child focused. …

Never use your children as messengers. …

Keep your issues to yourself. …

Set a business-like tone. …

Make requests – not demands …

Plan what you are going to say and how and when you’re going to say it …

Listen. …

Show restraint.


Read my interview with Entertainment Daily about Matt Hancock telling his children about leaving them


I was interviewed by Channel 5  during the FOOTBALL ? about Smacking.

‘I was smacked as a child, and it didn’t do me any harm’ – is a MYTH. Read WHY !


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Featuring Charlotte Olson

Children with Autism find change and new things daunting, so if Suzie and Sammy can help prepare them and ease any anxieties, then that has got to be a good thing!

Charlotte Olson  has 10 titles to date, they are:

Suzie goes on an Aeroplane

Sammy goes on an Aeroplane

Suzie goes to School

Suzie’s Toilet Time

Suzie’s Dressing up Day.

Suzie goes to a Funeral

Sammy’s New food week

Suzie goes to the Hairdresser

Suzie’s Christmas Time


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