Help! When Will My Baby Sleep Through the Night?

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

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Show notes:

In this episode:

  • Help! When Will My Baby Sleep Through the Night?
  • Babies, Books & Brain Development
  • Advice for Parents and Children Around Bullying
  • Sue Atkins in Conversation with Charlotte Taylor Specialist in Navigating Life After Acute Trauma


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The importance of regular 20 mins reading and chatting to babies



Answer : 

The Importance of Teaching Your Baby to Self-Soothe.

Relax & stop comparing your baby to others & learn to adapt to the rhythm of your baby.

As your baby will have their own pattern of waking and sleeping, it’s unlikely to be the same as other babies you know. Don’t join in the competitive parenting of ‘Is she sleeping through yet?’ Take the pressure off yourself and your baby and enjoy this special time in your life.

One of my top tips is to try & sleep when your baby sleeps.

Don’t be a ‘Super Mum or Dad’ and try to do everything. Let people help you shop, cook, clean, or change the baby, for a little while after having your baby. Rest or sleep when your baby does. Things will soon settle into their own natural rhythm.

Teaching Your Baby The Difference Between Day & Night.

It’s a good idea to gently teach your baby that night-time is different from daytime from the very beginning, as it begins to create a simple routine. During the day, open your curtains, play games and chat and sing to your baby and go out and about in the fresh air and don’t worry too much about everyday noises when they sleep. It’s a good idea to let them become accustomed to the noise and bustle of the day.

At night, you might find it a good idea to:

dim the lights.

stop stimulating your baby by slowing things down and speaking more softly.

getting into a routine of giving your little one a bath, popping on their pyjamas, feeding and changing them, then putting them down to sleep around the same time every evening. This creates a pattern that your baby will learn to adapt to over time. Associating these simple routines with getting ready to fall asleep will really help.

don’t fuss and change your baby unless they need it during the evening.

don’t overstimulate or play with your baby if they wake up. Create soothing slowing down routines, reassure but don’t excite them. Let them know there’s a difference to the way you react during the night.


Your baby will gradually learn that night-time is for sleeping. 

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Bullying is abuse.

It can affect children’s school attendance, behaviour and performance at school. Bullying can damage children’s self-esteem and be detrimental to your child’s mental health. Children’s experiences of bullying can also affect them negatively even through to their adult years.

Over 50% of children will be affected by bullying at some point during school. So as a parent, it’s something you might have to deal with in the future if not at the moment.

What is bullying?

Bullying is something that 1 in 2 people under 25 will experience in their lifetime. There is no singular definition of bullying because it comes in all shapes, sizes and subtleties.

Bullying affects over one million young people every year, and anyone can be bullied.

I was bullied myself at 12 and developed alopecia for a little while until it was addressed.

In this webinar I will help & support you, so you can help your child to become resilient and more assertive and confident as NO ONE deserves to be bullied.

Despite the varied nature of bullying, here are a few things you should know that will help to you identify it, and hopefully understand it a little better.

As a parent or carer you can play an important role in making sure your child has someone to turn to if they are being bullied and that they feel included and valued – at home and at school.

This is a packed resource to help Prevent, Manage & Handle Bullying



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