Are Your Kids Having Panic Attacks About Meeting Friends for Playdates After Repeated Covid Lockdowns? Sue’s practical ideas to help & support your child’s mental health

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

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Show notes:

In this episode:

  • Check Out – Sue’s NEW AWARD-WINNING Divorce Journal for Kids
  • Explore: The Sue Atkins Book Festival hosted by Independent Thinking: books to help grown-ups have great conversations with little people!
  • Sue Atkins in Conversation with Kate Daly of Amicable – Discussing a Better, Kinder Way to Divorce.

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The Award Winning Divorce Journal for Kids

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550,000 Children Show Mental Health to be the Greatest Concern of This Generation.

Children as young as five are having panic attacks about meeting their friends for playdates following repeated lockdowns, it was claimed today.

An extra 1.5million children will need mental health treatment in the wake of Covid, with NHS bosses warning of an explosion of ‘locked-in trauma’.

Some young children have been left increasingly anxious and even scared to leave their home.

Waiting times of up to four years for NHS help has forced some families to turn to private psychologists for help — but they also oversubscribed and unable to take more patients.

Some said they are taking twice as many calls from parents as usual and are being forced to use waiting lists or turn away patients.

It comes after the Royal College of Psychologists warned that the pandemic could create a ‘lost’ generation who will be affected by ‘lifelong’ mental illnesses.

Data from the college showed the number of children already referred for mental health support increased to nearly 400,000 over the last year — an increase of 28 per cent since the previous year.

Listen to me discussing this on The Daily Mail Podcast click here:?

NHS England’s director for mental health Claire Murdoch explained ‘the pandemic has turned young people’s lives upside down’

Dame Rachel De Souza, Children’s Commissioner for England, said a survey of more than 550,000 children will show mental health to be the greatest concern of this generation of children.

Laurence Guinness, chief executive of The Childhood Trust, said: ‘For many of these children, the lockdowns have exacerbated chronic anxiety, stress, inadequate diets, domestic violence, loss of peer support and rapid mental health deterioration.



Let’s Build a Community of Caring ~ Sue Atkins


Ian Gilbert Live With Sue Atkins | The Independent Thinking | Authors from The Sue Atkins Book Club


This special event grew out of Ian Gilbert finding himself on a Zoom coffee morning chat with a wide range of authors, all brought together by Sue Atkins, TV’s celebrated Parenting Coach. Post-lockdown, it is even more vital to help children develop their reading skills – and that all-important love of #reading

We felt that bringing these wonderful authors together and giving each one 20 minutes to share their book, read a short extract and explain what drove them to write would be a really useful and enjoyable thing to do.

So that’s what we’ve done!

Check out all the great authors and subscribe to my Sue Atkins Parenting Expert YouTube Channel to make sure you don’t MISS ANY! 



Our Champions for Children campaign will fund 111 projects across London, helping thousands of children struggling with anxiety and depression to recover over the holidays and beyond, bringing happiness and wellbeing through play and other supervised activities.

These projects will provide a wide range of practical and emotional support over the next 12 months, helping to ensure children in poverty are not left behind.


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