Are you a single working parent, constantly juggling decisions big and small ? Here are some top tips to help

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

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Show notes:

In this episode:

  • Talking to Kids About Cancer
  • Mastering your TIME once and for all!
  • Sue Atkins in Conversation with Jayne Avery Nutrition Consultant & Children’s Author of ‘The Secret of the Golden Cauldron’


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Cancer Support UK –

  • Talking to Kids About Cancer

I have been coaching a lovely Mum who is going through a divorce whilst discovering her ex partner has terminal Cancer – I’ve been helping her tell the two children of 5 & 2 & gain clarity & confidence on this really challenging journey.


So, I am delighted to support this very important & worthwhile event

Cancer Support UK is calling on kind-hearted, generous members of the community to hold their very own Big Ginger Social to raise money to fund Cancer Kits for people going through cancer treatment.

Throughout the month of September, we are encouraging you to host a fresh new fundraising event, raising money for a very important cause: to support people going through cancer treatment. Bring family, friends or work colleagues together and experience absolute deliciousness, all for a good cause.

Why the ginger theme? We include ginger tea bags in our Cancer Kits, as ginger is proven to help offset the nausea that many cancer patients experience. So it’s an ingredient that’s very close to our hearts. Of course, it’s also delicious and can be utilised in so many culinary delights – from ginger cupcakes to ginger mocktails, or even cocktails if you’re feeling particularly spicy. We can’t wait to see what wonderful ginger goodies our supporters create for their Big Ginger Social.

Each Big Ginger Social will be different, but all donations raised will make a huge difference to the lives of people going through cancer. Every £25 you raise will help us to fill a Cancer Kit.

Books to help talk to children about Cancer in #TheSueAtkinsBookClub


Answer :

welcome to the Club! You are not alone as I coach lots of Mums and Dads from toddler to teens crying out for help and desperate to get all the jobs done, have some quality time with the kids, and  each other,  and have some fun and laughter along the way too!

When you have kids your life changes and so does your whole concept of TIME.

Everything seems to take longer….. as kids walk slower, talk slower think slower and eat slower than you do and they don’t seem to worry about  rushing or have any sense of time whether they are toddlers or teens.

Maybe, just maybe, there’s a lesson in there somewhere!

It’s a busy, frenetic and hectic world out there and often having fun,   relaxing and chilling out slip down our list of priorities and get left on the shelf because kids are consuming whatever their age.

So, what can you do about it?

Well, I think it helps if you see time as your friend and your most precious commodity.

Just pause for a moment and think about the words and phrase you sue to describe time.

Do you say you spend time, lose time, save time, value time, kill time, waste time, let time slip away, take time for granted, squander time or can’t find the time.

Or do you say you use time, spend time wisely, value time, organise your time, treasure time, schedule or plan time, or make time

It’s all about the way you view it and parents with a sense of more balance in their work-home situations find time, make time and plan time with their kids.

The secret is balance and recognising that time is your most valuable resource when you have kids regardless of their ages and we all have 24 hours in day so it’s about where you prioritise your time and how you ring fence it.

So let’s look at some simple steps to mastering your time


Are you a working parent, you’re constantly juggling decisions big and small especially if you’re a single parent?

Decision making is difficult under the best of circumstances and we make them constantly over the course of the day. Responsibilities for customers, colleagues, culture, and company all rest on the shoulders of executives, much like a family rests on the shoulders of parents.

Mix in isolation, exhaustion, and emotion — as well as a turbulent environment — and suddenly the job becomes exponentially harder. Whether the decision is a big one such as which day care to send your child to or how to approach a health issue, or relatively minor like which extracurricular activity to choose and what to pack for lunch, deliberating it can be daunting.

The nature of the choices faced by these two audiences differs, but the process for arriving at robust decisions is the same. It includes managing our emotions, stress, and overall well-being amid isolation and high pressure. When we are short on time and clarity, the biggest thing we can affect is ourselves. Being intentional about lowering our own thermostat allows our brains to pause, reflect, and arrive at the best answers to the questions before us.

Take a read of this article in The Harvard Business review by Sabina Nawaz to help


Why are the Scouts launching a money badge after Covid.

Children start forming their spending and saving habits as early as seven, but unlike in other countries money management skills are not part of the core curriculum in England’s primary schools.

So, the ever-practical Scout Association is stepping in to lend a hand.

The vast youth organisation, which includes more than 57 million scouts around the world, is launching a new merit badge in the UK all about money.

Qualifying for the money skills award will involve children picking from up to 20 different activities to complete their badge.

These activities include group tasks for money-savvy Beaver Scouts and Cub Scouts to try out – such as creating their own currency or budgeting for a camping trip.

Sue Atkins in Conversation with Matt Hyde Chief Executive of UK Scouting

Matt Hyde Chief Executive of UK Scouting


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