Sarah Wild: What Does Autism Look Like in Girls?

Sue in conversation with Sarah Wild

Sue Atkins In Conversation With….. Sarah Wild – Head Teacher of Limpsfield Grange Secondary School featured in the ITV Documentary ‘Girls With Autism.’
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Interview with Sarah Wild, Head teacher, Limpsfield Grange School Sarah Wild is Head Teacher of Limpsfield Grange a secondary school in Surrey for autistic girls that was part of ITV documentary back in 2015. Limpsfield Grange in Surrey is the only state run boarding school in Britain specialising in girls with autism. The girls are all aged from 11-16 and more than half of them are on the autistic spectrum. The documentary focused on three very different pupils, Katie, Abigail and Beth, & the one-off documentary followed them over the course of six months both at school and at home, to offer a unique insight into what it means to be autistic and a teenage girl. With increasing numbers of girls being diagnosed every year, the true extent to which girls suffer from the condition is perhaps only now being recognised. With extreme variations in how every girl presents their condition, the school does its best to prepare each girl for an unforgiving outside world using a range of innovative methods, sometimes with tough love and always extraordinary patience. I ask Sarah to explain what autism is, and how it affects girls and boys differently, how the school helps the girls overcome their low self-esteem as many been bullied at their previous school & how the school helps with friendship and empathy challenges with young people as I know that it can often be the greatest anxiety and obsession of all.

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