Parenting the Conundrum Child: The CAN do approach to uncovering their unique abilities

Sue in conversation with Aniesa Blore


Aniesa completed her degree in Occupational Therapy at the University of Stellenbosch, in South Africa and has since been focusing on paediatrics and sensory processing and integration here in the UK.

She has worked across a range of paediatric fields and has extensive experience in children’s issues from autism to learning difficulties.

Her speciality areas of practice include Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Delays and Dyspraxia.

Aniesa has extensive experience in using standardised and non-standardised assessment for establishing a baseline on which intervention can be delivered and continually evaluated.

Aniesa’s work has included consulting in Africa, Paris, Egypt and the Middle East and her unique insights into autism, domestic violence, ADHD, depression and anxiety have led her to this point: the point of knowing that all families and children CAN.   Connect – Achieve – Navigate – a very powerfully positive message!

You can read more about Aniesa here: https:///

Read all about her book Parenting the Conundrum Child: The CAN do approach to uncovering their unique abilities  here in The Sue Atkins Book Club.

If you’re a SEN parent that feels a bit lost and a bit alone as you wade through the treacle that is our SEN education system, buy this book!

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