Bernie Landels – Educator, Practitioner, Parent and Author of ‘Finding their Feet – Every Parents Guide to Milestones and Movement’

Sue in conversation with Bernie Landels

Good health and well-being starts at the feet. From their first kicks in the womb to their first wobbly toddler steps – and every milestone in between – your baby’s feet play a crucial role in their physical, mental, and emotional development. ‘Finding their Feet’ is an accessible and practical guide for parents and carers, designed to equip them for the most important role they will ever have – guiding their child’s development for life-long success, from the feet up.
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As an internationally-certified Infant Massage Instructor Bernie Landels has helped many parents build strong connections with and foundations for their children through touch and education. Bernie’s journey into working with the body began at the New Zealand College of Massage where she gained a Bachelor of Health Studies. Bernie is passionate about teaching parents about their infants and has started asking the question – what if the ‘issues’ started developing in the earliest years? This burning question was the catalyst for Bernie to embark on writing ‘Finding Their Feet’ an accessible and practical guide designed for parents and carers, to equip them for the most important role they will have – guiding their child’s development. ‘Finding Their Feet’ will build your confidence and provide practical activities for you to experience with your baby, playing, building bonds and foundations for life. To learn more about Bernie and her work visit: ‘Finding their Feet’ is a remarkable book because for every parent just starting their parenting journey, this will make fascinating reading during your pregnancy and early years. By the age of 2 a toddler will take on average 5,000 a steps a day! COME ON THE JOURNEY FROM WOMB TO WALKING AS YOUR BABY FINDS THEIR FEET.

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