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31st October 2022
If not today …… when?   We all put things off. We all procrastinate to some degree. But what if we keep putting things off...
13th October 2022
I remember asking my 8 year old son Will as he ran out of school ‘How was your day?’ to which he promptly replied ‘fine’...
30th July 2022
As schools break up for the holidays, a children’s charity is urging parents to think carefully before leaving children home alone over the summer. I’m...
9th July 2022
I’m discussing ‘Stranger Things’ on BBC Radio  Suffolk this week and I will be asked: Do you have teenage children or grandchildren and do you...
6th June 2022
  As a new report shows that TV adverts encourage children to guzzle fizzy drinks rather than water, this week’s question for you to ponder...
16th May 2022
What do I need to change in order to have no regrets?
30th April 2022
What do I need to be happy?    
13th April 2022
If I could wave a magic wand what would you like me to change?  
3rd July 2021
I was sent a question for my ‘Sue Atkins Parenting Show’ podcast asking me:
11th May 2021
                        Divorce and Children: How to Answer Those Tough Questions Divorce is an extremely challenging, stressful and...
4th January 2021
  Every week I post a parent coaching question for you to ponder. What is time teaching me?
26th October 2020
                Every week, on a Monday, I post a Parent Coaching Question for you to ponder. Save it on...
19th October 2020
If I were to give you an extra hour a day, what would you do with it? Every week, on a Monday, I post a...
11th October 2020
If not now, then when? Every week, on a Monday, I post a Parent Coaching Question for you to ponder. Save it on your phone...
5th October 2020
Who is responsible for the choices I make?