Your Body, Your Baby, Your Birth: by Jenny Smith

In this book, Jenny Smith takes readers by the hand through every stage of pregnancy, labour, birth and the first six weeks of their baby’s life. She encourages mums-to-be to approach birth with a positive, confident mindset and to be prepared for every eventuality – even if things don’t go according to plan. You will also find out about the NHS system and how you can make it work best for you – including the choices available and a who’s who of antenatal care.

Armed with this insider knowledge, you will learn precisely what you can do to help yourself during each trimester so that you feel calm and able to deal with every eventuality. With a section devoted entirely to your birth, you will know what is going on at every stage – from the first signs of labour to holding your baby for the first time.

Jenny’s reassuring voice and broad-ranging practical advice make this book very special indeed. Using case studies and tried-and-tested mental preparation techniques, you will also learn how to train your mind to overcome any fears and feel prepared every step of the way. This book is for every pregnant woman who wants to feel confident about the biggest event of her life.

‘I cannot rate this book highly enough. All parents-to-be need a copy.’ GABBY LOGAN


Jenny Smith – midwife

Jenny is a midwife who passionately believes all women can achieve a comfortable childbirth, giving as much normality as possible to all women regardless of how their babies are born. Her birth wrap concept provides a new one to one midwifery approach to antenatal classes which aim to empower women for birth and beyond.

She has worked for 38 years in the NHS and is passionate about supporting women in their preparation for birth and beyond, providing a holistic approach to midwifery care for over 30 years. Jenny has worked both in hospital, community and home birth settings and has been instrumental in changing birth environments on mainstream labour wards.

Jenny believes what she calls “Maternity Architecture” is the way forward for birthing in the UK where mainstream labour wards adjust both infrastructure and buildings to change the culture of birth for both the family and the professional family who care for them.

As founder of the Jentle Childbirth Foundation, she has promoted normality through lectures in the UK and worldwide and has produced three filmsThe Natural CaesareanVBAC Birth and Holistic Birth.

Her book Your Body Your Baby Your Birth was published in 2009 by Rodale and she is co-author of The Natural Caesarean: a woman-centered technique (Smith J, Plaat F, Fisk N).

Jenny has also contributed the chapter “The “natural caesarean” technique as inspiration for normalising practice for all types of birth” for the book Promoting Normal Birth: research, reflections and guidelines (Smith J, Plaat F, Fisk N. The natural caesarean: a woman-centred technique. BJOG 2008;115:1037–1042).

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