Why Politics Matters: A new must-have children’s illustrated non-fiction book about politics and government for 6–9-year-olds

Become a little expert in how the country is run!

Understand why politics matters and how you can get involved with ALASTAIR CAMPBELL – writer, podcaster and strategist best known for his work as former PM Tony Blair’s spokesman.

What links schools, transport and hospitals? POLITICS! 

Discover how and why politics is part of everything we do with writer, podcaster and strategist ALASTAIR CAMPBELL.

Who is in charge?

How are decisions made?

What can children do to get involved?

Find out all this and more – alongside accessible introductions to parliament, government, voting and debating.

Packed with fun, facts and challenges – perfect for readers aged 6 to 9.

Welcome to LITTLE EXPERTS – inspiring the next generation of experts!

• Written by expert authors, famous for their passion and expertise

• Must-read introductions to key non-fiction topics with colour illustrations throughout

• Created to empower and inspire!

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