The Divorce Journal for Kids by Sue Atkins

Separation and divorce are traumatic events for families.

This journal is designed to help children express, explore and understand some of the strong emotions that they may be feeling and to help them process the divorce for themselves.

Keeping a Journal is a very simple, but powerful way to support children.

As caring adults, we can help by simply acknowledging & listening to how a child may be feeling, without trying to “fix it”.

This Journal is designed to support open and honest communication and to help children feel heard, understood and supported during a time of great upheaval.


“Loved reviewing @SueAtkins’s brilliant book ‘The Divorce Journal’ for #RISEEduMag.🥰

An incredibly supportive tool for helping children with this significant #Change in their lives.

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Hi, I’m Sue Atkins The ITV ‘This Morning’ Parenting Expert

Raising children is a challenging business – a bit like trying to tame jelly. All wobbles and no rules!

If you’re like most parents you probably started your parenting journey with an idea of how you would raise your children, the things you planned to teach them and an idea of how your children would behave. But we often forget one thing – Your child has their own personality and will likely have different ideas! Raising happy, confident kids can be hard, but the good news is that when the going gets tough, you’re not alone!

I have over 15 years experience as a parenting coach and teacher, and I have raised two children of my own, so I truly understand the challenges you are going through.  As the Parenting Expert for ITV’s ‘This Morning’, BBC Radio, Disney Junior, Good Morning Britain and India’s Education and Parenting World, I’ve helped thousands of parents like you to overcome your challenges and develop your own balanced, down to earth parenting approach that creates happy, positive children, and relaxed confident parents.

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