Sue’s Picks on Cultural Diversity – Celebrating South Asian Children’s Books

Since I started #TheSueAtkinsBookClub I’ve been keen to offer lesser-known authors a platform & also to offer a wide range of diversity so all children can see themselves in the stories and books.

Here is a list of  The Top 10: Best South Asian American Children’s Books (ages 2-14) compiled by Pragmatic Mom

These books are fantastic but under the radar.

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Here is a list of  The Top 10: Best South Asian American Children’s Books (ages 2-14) compiled by Pragmatic Mom.

INTRO from Pragmatic Mom: I don’t know a lot about South Asian children’s literature so this was a fun list to research and it was fun to hunt down books I had heard about but haven’t read in a while as well as discover a few really great authors that are new to me. I asked a Mom Friend at a birthday party — we were both waiting in the car for 2+ hours while our kids jumped on gigantic trampolines — since she’s East Asian what East Asian KidLit was in her bookshelves. She said there wasn’t a lot available and it’s true. These books are fantastic but under the radar. It turns out that she’s an expert on immigration particularly refugee immigration to the United States. I only knew her as my child’s friend’s mother/room parent for 3rd grade.

If you know of any books that you or your children have enjoyed, please leave me a comment and I’ll keep adding. I know I am heavy on just a few authors for this list, so it would be great to expand it. It’s just that my library didn’t have all the books I was seeking that day and I’m too lazy to reserve. These days with money so tight, when you reserve a book you need to do it online at the library site that frustratingly slow. In addition to that, you’ll get a notice that your book is in, but with new cutbacks, you have to go pull the book from the shelves yourself. I tried to get the books through my new color nook but these books aren’t popular enough to warrant ebooks yet. I hope that changes! The sign of the times, right? Caught between old-world inefficiencies but not in the new world of downloadable books.

p.s. Thank you to reader Navjot for giving these links to other great lists of Southeast Asian KidLit and one for Southeast Asian YA (Young Adult).

p.p.s. Author Darshana Khiani has the best and most complete list of South Asian Children’s and YA book lists that she makes at least twice annually!

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