Sue’s Picks on Cultural Diversity : Celebrating Indian Children’s Books

Nisha, the creator of Love Laugh Mirch, shares some of her favourite books that teach children about Indian culture, festivals and language below.  VISIT HER PAGE HERE ?

Nisha says: ‘Having to raise my brother and me outside of India my parents had to make extra efforts to teach us about our culture, language, and religion. When you live in India, you just know when the festive season is around the corner, shops start putting out their finest pieces, it’s blasted across televisions and street signs, families start hosting big dinners and mothers get busy in the kitchen. Due to the zero commercial influence in the States, my parents would have to make up for it at home by making it a big deal. They would tell us colorful stories from their childhood, cook our favorite foods, and get us involved in fun and festive help tasks. My dad had a shelf in his library dedicated to Indian books and comics, just so he could teach us the culture in a ‘fun’ way. Years later I still find myself indulging in those books every time I go home to visit my parents.

Even before Little Mirchi was born I started a running list of Indian-inspired books that I wanted to add to our home library for her to learn and read from. My hope is that she too will learn and hold on to the memories the way I cherish the books my Dad collected for us when we were kids. Sharing some of my favorite books that teach children about Indian culture, festivals and language below. I’ll be adding to this list as I come across more Indian-inspired fun reads.


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