Alfie and Pepper Go to the Farm Park by Sian Lewin

Alfie and Pepper are best friends and live together.Each day they wake up and experience a different adventure.Alfie learns so much from his best friend Pepper.Alfie and Pepper – Two Different Dogs – Many Adventures


Following a diagnosis and then treatment for Hairy Cell Leukaemia in 2012, I wrote my first Alfie and Pepper story. Fast forward to 2020 and having to shield, I pulled the initial story out and then wrote and recorded a further 8 stories in the series. The story writing and recording of the stories kept me sane and motivated.The stories are traditional in style, about two dogs who wake up in their beds every morning, waiting to see what is going to happen that day. Pepper is the Welsh Border Collie, who is the wise one in the duo, Alfie the cheeky Border Terrier Cairn Cross is always wanting treats and to sleep, but likes to learn! Together they learn about life, each story has a little life lesson, in the first story when they go to the Farm Park, it is about the importance of picking up after a picnic. The second story is about a new baby, having a treat that is more what you see, plus a treat for someone else, but getting pleasure from that too.They end up in bed at the end of the day, remembering their favourite bits, plus showing children that it’s good to be in your own bed!Writing has been very therapeutic for me, after spending the last 25 years in the housing industry. I have worked with charities over the last year, reading to them online and recently in person. Many of the young adults and children have complex needs, but all love a story and quite a few have started to write and draw, as a result of our meetings. I am starting to get involved with schools and have done videos of me reading the stories. I have even spoken to a WI group who were really interested in how I started writing and they loved having a bedtime story read to them!Dogstory | The Adventures of Alfie and Pepper | KinoultonLinkedInFacebook

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