Poppy’s Tail by Cate Douglas

Poppy dreams it would be fun to have a tail! But which kind will she choose? She tries out lots of different animal tails, then invents her own and finds lots of amusing and original ways to use it.

With vibrant illustrations and light-hearted rhyme, Poppy’s Tail is a glossy, playful and engaging picture book, beautifully designed to captivate a young child’s imagination. There’s plenty for the reader and child to discuss; such as choosing their favourite animal tail, thinking of funny things they would do with a tail like Poppy’s, then perhaps drawing and even making a tail of their own.


Cate Douglas has a background in graphic design and copywriting and was also a governor at a London prep school for seven years.

A quiet calling to write children’s picture books first emerged when her daughter was a toddler.

Later, with an empty nest, she was able to fulfil a passionate commitment to bring forth her first book, Poppy’s Tail.

Cate lives in London and takes time for creative nourishment on a small Greek island.

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