MY PERIOD – Find your flow and feel proud of your period by Milli Hill

The one stop guide to getting your period, suitable for girls age 9 to 13. 

Getting your first period can be exciting – but there are a lot of questions you might be too embarrassed to ask. Like how much will I bleed? Does it hurt? How can I prepare? And what’s the point of a period anyway?

Separating the fact from the fiction, Milli Hill answers everything you need to know – from menstrual cups and period pants, to cramps and hormones. She’ll explain how incredible your body is, what is actually going on each month and why.

With guidance on choosing period products, charting your cycles and preparing a first period kit, alongside profiles of ‘cycle superstars’ such as Amika George who are working to end period poverty, this book is the complete guide to getting your period.

So find your flow, bust some myths and start to feel proud of your monthly cycle and your truly amazing body!

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Milli Hill is a journalist, author and the founder of the Positive Birth Movement (PBM). Her first book, The Positive Birth Book, was published in March 2017 to wide acclaim, immediately becoming an Amazon bestseller and remaining one of the most popular books for pregnant women ever since.

In August 2020 her second book, Give Birth Like a Feminist, was published by Harper Collins and has since been widely featured in the UK media including the BBC. The book seeks to spark debate about childbirth as an overlooked feminist issue, and urges women to reclaim their bodily autonomy in birth in line with the #metoo movement.

Milli speaks regularly at international events and conferences and has appeared on BBC Radio 2, BBC 5 Live and talkradio. She writes regularly for the Telegraph, Guardian, Independent, ipaper and more about issues connected to motherhood, birth, and women’s rights and autonomy.

Prior to becoming a writer, Milli worked as a creative psychotherapist with both children and adults, specialising in supporting children who had experienced trauma and abuse. Milli lives in rural Somerset with her partner and three children, and her next book, My Period, is published in August 2021.

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