Love is the Gift by Joanna P.A Moore: dealing with grief

Alana, a mermaid, is having to come to terms with the fact that her grandmother, whom she loves very much, is coming to the end of her life cycle and will soon die.

At first, she is confused and struggles to understand what is going on, confronted by many overwhelming feelings -anger, sadness, even guilt.

Alana’s grandmother supports her through her grief and gives her the space to come to terms with her feelings of loss by remembering and celebrating their time together and focusing on the love that they have for each other. Sadly, Alana’s grandmother eventually dies and her mother supports her through the next phase of her grief. Once again, Alana has space to process her difficult feelings and is soon able to draw on the happy memories, filled with love.


Born in 1974 and raised in London, Joanna P.A Moore is a BACP qualified and registered therapeutic counsellor since 2007 and runs her own private practice in Fulham. She also has over 18-year experience working in inner-city areas as a youth worker/program manager with young people aged 8 to 21, supporting young people’s development and life skills through informal learning.

Joanna was inspired to write “Love is the Gift” after the death of a very significant and influential person in her life in 2017. Christina was like a second mother to her.

Also living with a rare life-threatening autoimmune condition ‘Addison’s Disease’ since 2009 and having two small children, Joanna felt that there was not enough literature out there to support her own children through the difficult feelings surrounding death. Wanting to create a tool that could help her own children and others, she embarked on creating the beautiful and poetical story about Elana the mermaid.

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