Little-mouse Finds a Safe Place by Ann Dix

Little-mouse is confused and anxious. He likes his new Dad, and his Mum says everything is ok, but he is seeing and hearing things that make him feel worried. Little-mouse doesn’t know what to do or who to talk to. He begins to get into trouble at school, but nobody understands. One night, Little-mouse finds himself in s difficult and frightening situation. Can he and his Mum escape and find a safe place? Little-mouse Finds a Safe Place is a book for children who have experienced living with domestic abuse. It is child friendly, and allows children to empathise with Little-mouse, talk about his experiences and offer him suggestions. It has beautiful illustrations, which add to the story.


Ann Dix is a dramatherapist, supervisor, trainer and writer who has worked with children and families in the North of England for over 30 years. Originally trained as a teacher, Ann has used drama and play therapy to help children articulate their worries and confusions. She has worked as part of a multi- agency team in the heart of the community and as a school and parent counsellor. Domestic abuse plays a huge part in her work, and Ann believes that we need to help children begin to make sense of their feelings in order for them to grow up healthy and happy.

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