Daniel’s Dreams: Monster Mountain by Leanne Brown

Daniel’s Dreams: Monster Mountain

Daniel is a young boy from a ‘normal’ family. He is shy, quiet and worries about things in life. Unlike his sister Darcie, who is outgoing, loud, and confident. Daniel loves bedtime because his imagination, through his dreams, takes him on adventures, where he meets new people and visits new places. His journeys are always something he enjoys. One night, a monster appears in his bedroom, who takes him on an adventure to Monster Mountain. Daniel has always thought monsters were scary, but tonight he learns that they are just like humans; they have feelings and they too worry about things in their lives. When Daniel arrives in Monster Mountain, he is over awed by how beautiful and unique it is.  Dex introduces Daniel to his monster friends. Daniel quickly notices that each monster is individual and unique. Whilst at Monster Mountain, Daniel helps one of the monsters, Shelley, who is really struggling with anxiety. This is something Daniel relates to as he too is worrying about something at school. Daniel teaches Shelley different ways to cope with her anxiety. He, too, must use these skills to get over his own worries about school. Can he overcome his worries and apply the strategies to cope?


Daniel’s Dreams: Wellbeing Resource Pack

Do you know a child that suffers with their mental health?

Are they worried and feeling butterflies in their belly?

Do they know how to calm themselves and use breathing techniques?

This resource book can help you answer those questions.


Mental health in children is rapidly on the rise. Help children with their difficulties with self-esteem, self-confidence, anxiety, sadness and worry with this skilfully easy-to-use resource book. Focusing on making mental health lessons fun, easy to access and purposeful, the book provides over 100 pages of tips, activities, and techniques.

This resource book can be used in conjunction with Leanne Brown’s Daniels Dreams: Monster Mountain, or independently for useful and purposeful activities related to mental health wellbeing.


Leanne Brown is a qualified teacher of English and has worked with children, with special educational needs, in schools for children with Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties. She has over 14 years teaching experience. She has written her first children’s book, Daniel’s Dreams: Monster Mountain, which based on anxiety. This is the first book in the series, that will look at other mental health illnesses such as depression, grief, PTSD, anger and many more.

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The Author

Leanne Brown, the author of Daniel’s Dreams: Monster Mountain, lives is Greater Manchester, England with her partner Steve and her young daughter, Erin.

Leanne is a qualified secondary English teacher, who has specialised in special educational needs, and is now focusing on writing children’s books based on mental health issues that arise in children. Mental health is something that Leanne is passionate about and hopes her books will help young children everywhere.

When not writing, Leanne likes to spend time with her family. She loves to read, colour, watch a good series or film, go swimming, enjoy a meal out and spending quality time with her daughter and partner.



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