9 Kids Books That Centre & Celebrate Plus Sized Characters

How do you talk about your body with your child?

Do you just ignore it?

Your child won’t.

Has your child ever asked you why someone is “so big” or something along those lines?

Did you avoid the question? Stumble through it, perhaps?

More than anyone else, you shape your child’s feelings about not just other people’s bodies but their own bodies as well. That means you should be ready to have conversations with your children about accepting and celebrating their bodies and other people’s bodies.

Children of all ages should be engaging regularly in these conversations and you, as an active adult in their life, can help make them productive and positive. A great way to begin these conversations is through books.
Here’s a set of recommendations for all ages to start the conversation about accepting, and celebrating, all bodies.


There are still plenty of gaps in the market of books for young people when it comes to accurately portraying the larger bodies.

We need more stories of different sized people, including plus sized people, and certainly more stories with gender diverse leads. But the good news is that one of the ways we expand the market for these stories is by buying and sharing them.

By reading and discussing these books — and others about plus size characters — with children and teens you can start not just a conversation with them but with publishing, too. Time to open it up and say the word “plus” in a positive way with a child in your life.

See where the conversation takes you next, and don’t be ashamed anymore.

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9 Kids Books That Center & Celebrate Fat Characters (romper.com)

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