Learning To Swim Is Important. Here Are Some Simple Tips To Help By Age

  Learning to swim is really important for several reasons, including: Water Safety: Knowing how to swim can prevent drowning and other water-related accidents. Swimming skills can help children feel more comfortable and confident in the water, allowing them to respond appropriately if they find themselves in a dangerous situation. Physical Health: Swimming is a […]

Respect the Water is the RNLI’s drowning prevention campaign.

Respect the Water

  It’s coming into Summer & rivers, reservoirs, canals and lakes all have hidden dangers such as how deep or how cold they are – and the strongest of swimmers can still get into difficulty. Even swimming pools can be dangerous too if people are in the water unsupervised without a lifeguard. Respect the Water […]

Who should teach your kids about the birds and the bees?

  Sex education lessons are set to change with children taught about the dangers of pornography, sexting and online grooming in a major shake-up. The move follows months of campaigning from MPs and charity groups who argue the current curriculum is years out of date and does not reflect the dangers faced by young people today […]