Teenage Parents ….. it’s NOT all doom and gloom !

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I was invited to give a talk at One Support – a teenage parent support scheme in Camden by the wonderful Beverley Smith.

Lithos Road provides accommodation based support for vulnerable teenage parents.

They support young teenage parents aged between 16-19 who are pregnant or who are the parent of a child under 4 years old.

Some of the young parents may be at risk, may have a learning difficulty, HIV or mental health issues or are just leaving care.

And what struck me was the wonderful sense of commitment to empowering the young parents to be the best they can be – free from judgement, finger pointing or criticism.

They give a wonderfully practical structured approach to teaching, empowering and supporting the young people, holding their hands not rescuing them.

Everyone I chatted to had high aspirations for themselves and for their children. Two of the young Mums were leaving the Scheme today to move into their own accommodation – one studying sports psychology and the other studying law.

How fantastic is that?

Two remarkable young women with beautiful children, moving forward with their lives.

It was inspiring, uplifting and a real pleasure to spend time amongst such great young parents and such dedicated and fun loving staff.

It was a great privilege to meet Natalie Henningham who also gave a talk about Special Grandparents United Natalie gave up her job to become a full time “Mum” to her grandson as her daughter descended into drug abuse. Her story is inspiring.

Read her story here




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