Why Taking a New Baby Home Is Like Learning To Drive.

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Metaphors and stories have been used for centuries as a method of healing, learning and guidance for parents and children alike.

Here is my Wednesday Story from my never ending notebook and everlasting coloured pencil 

Why Taking a New Baby Home Is Like Learning To Drive.

“Taking a new baby home is like learning to drive a car for the first time.
You see other people do it, you may even critique their style or approach or be in awe of their skill.
You read up on how to do it and try to learn the important signs and signals.
You have someone around when it’s new to you, but ultimately you’re the one at the wheel… you’re responsible.
Initially the feeling of that much power in your hands and responsibility can be incredibly daunting, but bit by bit, the signals become so familiar that you don’t even need to consciously think about what they mean.
As you become more comfortable with the simple tasks you begin to do them naturally and with your own personal style that works for you and over time people look at how you are doing it with awe and may even critique your style, but you can continue feeling confident and empowered, enjoying not only the destination, but also the journey.”
Trust your intuition.
Do it YOUR way.
Relax – a baby who is loved, nurtured, hugged and cuddled will grow up happy, confident with strong bonds of love & good mental health.

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