Setting off for Edinburgh without a Sat Nav, compass or flight plan

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How many parents do you know that have actually pondered the bigger picture to their parenting?

Most parents I meet and work with have got a bit stuck in the “socks and pants” of life going round in circles stuck in the undone homework and untidy bedroom scenarios and don’t look up to ponder the more important aspects of bringing up their kids.

It’s easily done ….. as I’ve been there, done that, got the T –shirt too !

Goal setting is a truly life changing experience for most parents – who rarely think to apply it to bringing up their kids. They often have been coached at work and have set goals in that part of their life, but have never thought to have a bigger picture goal for raising happy, confident, well – behaved kids who turn into happy, confident, well -balanced adults.

If you don’t set any goals in your life it’s a bit like setting off for Edinburgh without a Sat Nav, flight plan or compass – you can easily get blown off course.

So sit down with a cup of coffee and a pen and jot down some simple, clear goals for your life, including your family life and then take the small, small steps every day, every week , every month and every year towards accomplishing them and then relax ….. as something magical starts to happen when you do !

The Parenting Journey

Whether you’re expecting your first child or you’re already braving the teen years, understanding the parenting journey can help you to steer your family in the right direction and raise happy, confident, independent kids.

Every stage of parenthood has its struggles, whether it’s the sleepless nights of the baby years, the screaming tantrums that toddlers bring or the dreaded teenage rebellion.

But raising a family doesn’t have to be so hard. With the right help you can become the best parent you can be and put the bounce and laughter into your family life again.

‘ Fifty years from now it won’t matter what kind of car you drove.

What kind of house you lived in.

How much you had in your bank account.

Or what your clothes looked like.

But the world may be a little better because you were important in the life of a child”

I’m passionate about parenting and I love helping parents get back into the driving seat of their family relationships, boosting their confidence and putting back the bounce and laughter into their family life again and this MP3 is a way for me to do just that with you now.

I’m not Supernanny or Mary Poppins and I don’t tell people how to run their lives, as every family is unique and different, but what I can do as a Parent Coach is to help you find your own answers to your own family and take you from where you are now to where you would like to go in your family relationships.

I help you to look at the bigger picture to your parenting not just the arguments over the untidy bedroom or undone homework scenarios that most parents get stuck in.

This MP3 will help you to focus on the bigger picture and help you as a parent develop your own confidence, style and rhythm helping you feel less stressed, more energised and in control of your family which is so vital for bringing up happy, confident, well-balanced adults – today’s children – tomorrow’s future.

Throughout this MP3 I will support, encourage and believe in you because I know first hand how difficult and demanding bringing up children really is – as I’ve got two of my own!

Before we begin on our journey together I want you to imagine that you’ve hired me to be your very own personal parent coach and when I work with parents I really make sure they get the best out of our sessions together and this MP3 is no exception. I want you to enjoy the exercises and enjoy learning about new ways to parent your kids.

It takes courage to be curious about exploring new ways to do things. It was Einstein who said the definition of madness was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result!

So by doing the exercises on this MP3 you are unlocking your confidence and exploring your parenting potential and the key thing to always remember is “What you practise you become” – so it’s a bit like learning anything new it just takes a bit of practise to make something new into a natural habit.

This download is about looking at one of the key habits of successful parents – the habit of choosing and planning the destination of your parenting.

So relax and let’s enjoy the journey – as raising happy, confident, resilient kids is important.

1. Introduction
2. What are you trying to achieve
as a parent?
3. Designing a family flight plan
4. Looking at the spirit of your family
5. The “One Point” technique
6. Creating the relationship you
want with each other
7. Looking at the atmosphere in
your home
8. Seeing it from each other’s point
of view
9. Keeping a positive frame of mind
10. Designing your own destination
11. Positive exercises


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