The Sue Atkins Wednesday Story – The Shoes

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

Here is my Wednesday Story from my never ending notebook and everlasting coloured pencil.

The Shoes 

You may have heard this very old story illustrating the difference between positive thinking and negative thinking before.

“Many years ago two salesmen were sent by a British shoe manufacturer to Africa to investigate the market and report back on the marketing potential.

The first salesman reported back, “There is no potential here – nobody wears shoes.”

The second salesman reported back, “There is massive potential here – nobody wears shoes.”

This simple short story provides one of the best examples of how a single situation may be viewed in two quite different ways – negatively or positively.

You could explain this also in terms of seeing  your parenting or family situation in terms of your problems and disadvantages, instead of your opportunities and benefits.

It’s all about your perspective isn’t it ? – as these two quite different interpretations are made of exactly the same situation.

So take a moment to ponder your positive thinking,  your negative thinking, your attitude, your perspective, and your parenting  mindset……and ask yourself….

What can I learn from this story?



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