‘That was Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy ‘ – Sue Atkins’ Alternative to the Naughty Step.

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I was getting things ready for my ‘Can Do Kid ~ Confidence Classes’ a few years ago, which is where I help children feel good about themselves, and help them to develop a ‘Can Do’ attitude to life, when I decided to use a fun button that says That was EASY PEASY – Lemon Squeezy 

In fact it triggered the whole idea of ‘Parenting Made Easy’ and all my books, podcasts, apps, workshops and writing is all inspired by helping children grow up with strong self esteem and confidence able to live a wonderful life and achieve enormous personal success and happiness.

It’s a really simple, easy and brilliant way to anchor confidence in your child’s unconscious and to attach doing new things, having a go,  doing as they are told ( the 1st time! 🙂 ) to instilling feelings of confidence, positivity and success simply through laughter.

It builds confidence and self esteem instantly through just having fun and being relaxed.

Children simply just run over and push their “That was EASY PEASY – Lemon Squeezy!” button!

They simply love it and they laugh all the time – which also reinforces confidence and positivity.

Pressing the button and hearing a positive message is called ‘an anchor’ and it is when your mood changes in response to some trigger or stimulus and your unconscious registers it every time you see it, hear it or feel it.

A bit like going to the fridge to get a snack after seeing an advert on the TV or like jumping up at a party when your favourite song comes on that reminds you of going to college, someone’s birthday or a romance that’s become “our song”!

Building and anchoring confidence with the “ That was EASY PEASY – Lemon Squeezy ”  Button sounding out loud and clear is funny and is a wonderfully positive experience for kids.

So just imagine that your family had a  “That was EASY PEASY – Lemon Squeezy”  Button in your kitchen and your kids ran over and pressed it anytime they did something new, overcame something difficult,  or did what they were asked the 1st time you asked them,  or tried something out of their comfort zone and  just had a go!

Just think of the power to their confidence as they learnt their 7x tables, learnt to tie their shoelaces or use the potty, wrote their coursework, answered the phone and took a message, tidied their room, came off their ipad instantly, put away their toys quickly, went to bed the 1st time you told them, or read their reading book after dinner!  – the list is endless and only limited by your imagination.

All simply by using my  “That was EASY! PEASY – Lemon Squeezy ”  idea!

Some children have written to me telling me that when they are out and about they press their tummy button instead and say ‘That was EASY PEASY – Lemon Sqeezy”

What a wonderfully simple way to boost your child’s self esteem and develop the “have a go” mentality so important to success in Life.

Just imagine if families started to do this fun thing from the moment their kids were young….. just think how much more relaxed, optimistic and happy kids would be.

Just think,  you could use it too when you didn’t shout, didn’t nag or you got something right with your kids or when you did something new for the first time too, like struggling with the  frustration over online banking,  speaking up at a meeting or salsa dancing!!!

I am passionate about helping kids grow up free from the crippling effects of low self- esteem so if you think this is a  simple, fun & great idea please pass my blog on to all your friends and let’s make growing up  really positive, fun & joyful.

Why don’t you get one for your kitchen, office, classroom or nursery…….. and all of you can have fun making life, learning and living easier .

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all nurseries, schools, colleges, gymnastics clubs, dance clubs, sport’s clubs all had a “That was EASY! ”  Button too?

Join my campaign for building confident parents and confident kids in all sorts of places around the world ………… sounds like it could be  brilliant fun and a very, very easy way to build your child’s self esteem and self confidence !

Feel free to tell all of your friends and to pass my simple idea on ………………



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