Attitude Is Everything

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I work with many hundreds of parents, children and families around the globe and the difference in success or failure is not how you look, how you dress, how well educated you are, where you live or how much you have in your bank account –  it’s ALL about how you think.

Of course I know first hand that it’s not always easy to maintain a positive attitude but I know it really can change your life in profound ways if you do.

So one simple technique I teach on all of my workshops is the Attitude Of Gratitude.

I keep a journal on my bedside table and every night I spend 10 minutes jotting down all the things I’m really grateful for.

It can be from the big things like my good health, my home, or my family, to the small things like the smile a child gives me spontaneously in a school, the sunshine on a field of corn when I walk my dogs to the kind motorcyclist who lets me out on a  roundabout!

Cultivating and Attitude Of Gratitude will help you start to focus on the positive things in your life and will help you relax and start to move your life in a  more positive direction.

Without gratitude, happiness is rare. With gratitude, the odds for happiness go up dramatically.

So just for this week why not try my simple technique that I know will start to transform your family life and make you feel more upbeat and happy?

Go and buy a really lovely looking journal and a lovely pen that is a pleasure to write with and start writing in it every night just before you fall asleep as your unconscious will get to work on your positive attitude and you’ll wake up the next morning feeling more positive, more upbeat and ready to have a lovely day.

Let me know how you get on

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