The Sue Atkins Wednesday Story. The Talking Cat

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Posted by: Sue Atkins


Here’s my weekly story from my never ending notebook and my everlasting coloured pencil to ponder this week.

The Talking Cat

There was this lady, and one day she got the idea that her cat was trying to communicate with her.

For weeks and months she tries to get what the cat is trying to tell her, but hears nothing.

And then one day, she just gives up worrying about it, and to her amazement she can hear the cat clearly. ‘When did you learn to talk?’, she says. The cat replies ‘I’ve always been able to talk. It’s just that you weren’t listening properly’.

The woman says ‘But I am always listening!’. The cat politely pointed out that the radio is on, and there is traffic outside, and birds are singing but while she’s so busy worrying about why she can’t understand, what can she hear? ‘Nothing’, she replies.

‘Exactly.’ said the cat.

So what’s this story really about for you as a busy parent?

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