7 Top Tips for Preventing Parental Burnout Checklist.

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We go on courses form Management to Marketing but we rarely go on a parenting course to handle our parenting stress.

Raising happy, confident, resilient kids is tiring, overwhelming and challenging at times so here are my top tips for preventing burnout.

7 Top Tips for Preventing Parental Burnout Checklist.


1.Don’t over-commit yourself – learn to ask for help & let people help you!

2.Take care of yourself & delegate things to others.

3.Set realistic expectations. Don’t try to be a Super Mum.

4.Make time for yourself. It’s important to rest, relax, recharge your batteries as you’ll be more rejuvenated, refreshed and patient.

5.Find support. Join in with other parents in your area and get together for coffee and a catch up.

6.Don’t compare yourself to others. Parenting isn’t a competitive sport. Don’t worry if someone else’s child is sleeping through the night, on a beaker or walking. Just relax and make sure your child is loved, content and going in the right direction with milestones.

7.Create memories, not perfection. We carry our childhood all of our lives – make sure you are building happy memories as they will last a lifetime.



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