The importance of play for your child – with Dr. Amanda Gummer. Episode 27 of The Sue Atkins Parenting Show

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Episode 27

Tweet of The Week:  @ThePNDdaddy ?

Daddy with PND wanting change. Founder of PND Daddies. Join dads who suffer with PND for support and chat Mondays 7-8 #PNDDaddies ( Post Natal Depression)

 Ireland’s Best Kept Secret.

I love learning & I suppose I would describe myself as a ‘Life Long Learner’ as I am inquisitive, curious & interested in learning what makes me tick, how I can be better & how I can develop more skills to pass onto the parents & children I work with.

When I attended my 1st Adlerian Summer School in Clonmel in Ireland I felt I had ‘come home.’ The warmth of the welcome, the wealth of knowledge & wisdom of the international experts, & the laughter & sense of belonging to a community of like – minded new friends, took my breath away.

We laughed, shared & discovered together in a atmosphere of convivial caring, free from finger pointing, judgement or criticism. Moving from learning to laughter easily – where everyone from experts to first time participants sit chatting equitably at coffee time or during the sociable evening events.

If you like learning, enjoy laughing & want to experience a magical memory that will last a lifetime – jump in & join us on Ireland’s best kept secret …. The Adlerian Summer School in Ireland.

Click here to discover more about the Adlerian Network of Ireland

Watch the video here and you might just see someone that you recognise!

Camp Evolution’s personal development workshops build self-confidence and strengthen communication techniques. Our critical thinking and problem-solving activities help children to develop their fundamental thinking skills. We introduce the basics of leadership and explore the importance of collaboration, whatever the situation.  We help children to understand the dynamics of interacting with others greatly improving their inter-personal skills.

Our 4-day residential camps and one-day workshops are designed specifically for the 9-14 age group. Pre-adolescence can be a tricky time during which children not only have to face the transition from childhood to adolescence, but also have to think about their future and what they hope to achieve. Choosing GCSE subjects can be quite daunting and one of the most important life decisions children make at this time in their lives. Click here to discover more

Amanda Gummer half interview Dr Amanda Gummer Widely considered as THE UK’s go to expert on play, toys and apps. Amanda has over 20 years experience working with children and families & I was delighted to interview her for my ‘Experts Around The World’ podcast. To find out more about Fundamentally Children click here 






Question ‘Dear Sue, my kids are getting to the age when they are reading the news mainly online. I worry that they aren’t getting the correct facts as there is so much ‘Fake News’ out there and misinformation. What can I do?’ Steve Peters from Bristol

Article How to help your kids navigate fake news and misinformation online. Some simple tips.

Product The importance of effective communication which covers staying involved in your child’s life and’ active and reflective listening’

For TEENAGE Parenting

Navigating the choppy waters of the teenage years – the blueprint for parents of teens





Question My kids keep wanting to download apps – what is Snapchat and should I allow my 10 year old to use it? Sarah Bristow from Cheshire

Article PARENT ALERT! If Your Child Uses Snapchat You NEED To Watch This!

 Product My book Raising Happy Children for Dummies

Covering toddlers to teens, boys and girls, ‘Raising Happy Children For Dummies’ helps you better understand your kids and be the parent they need. Written by a parenting coach and mum, you’ll discover practical steps to strengthen and improve the relationship with your child so you can help build their self–esteem, increase their independence, and help them cope with life’s ups and downs.

Discover how to understand your child?s behaviour; communicate effectively with kids of every age; enforce discipline that works; help your child settle at school; handle sibling rivalry; and build your child?s confidence.


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