Congratulations – You’re A Graduate – Now What? Joe Wicks ‘The Body Coach’ Inspiring Speech At St Mary’s University

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My daughter Graduated last Tuesday, on my birthday, from Manchester Metropolitan University. It was a special day and we were very proud. But now what ? She isn’t sure.

It’s tough stepping out into the Big World, qualified with an English Degree & a vague notion of things she might like to do. It’s a lot harder for her than me, as I knew from the age of 5 years old that I wanted to be a teacher or a journalist. Funny how having a goal helps to focus you. It was a lot easier for me as I had a clear plan so I took easy steps towards what I wanted to do and I loved being a Deputy Head and Class teacher for over 22 years. Then I stepped into writing books and writing articles as my second career took off.

So, I was delighted when Molly showed me this very inspiring video by Joe Wickes, The Body Coach, where he talks of his difficult journey from leaving St. Mary’s University ( where I went too!) to carting his bag full of weights up and down hills on his bike with a dream and a vision to where he is now – an online nutrition coach and creator of the 90 Day SSS Plan which has transformed the lives of tens of thousands of people all over the world. His ‘Lean in 15:’ 15-minute meals was a best-selling book in 2015, having sold over 900,000 copies.

Nothing is easy if you don’t take action.

I always say a dream, written down, becomes a goal with a date, if you make it specific, measurable and you take consistently small steps towards making things happen.

I hope this inspiring speech helps your kids see that it’s OK to fail forward and make mistakes on the path towards fulfilment.


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