Sue Atkins In Conversation With …… Emma Hammett from First Aid For Life.

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I interview and chat to  Emma Hammett Founder of the award-winning first aid training business: First Aid for Life and First Aid for Pets and author of the excellent book ‘Burns, Falls and Emergency Calls’ a ‘must – have ‘ book for all parents.

2 million children attend A & E every year so I ask Emma how can parents find that balance between keeping kids safe but allowing them to explore the world safely?

Listen to Emma explaining what to do it your child chokes, how to recognise when something is seriously wrong and you need to call an ambulance, to the latest, up to date advice on SIDS – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and how to prevent it.



Author and Expert Speaker: Emma Hammett

As a qualified nurse, mother and first aid trainer with over 30 years health and teaching experience; Emma Hammett truly appreciates the vital importance of first aid.

Emma is an acknowledged expert on first aid and accident prevention and frequently appears in the press in print and online publications and as a spokesperson on TV. You will see Emma’s regular expert columns in various publications including Baby London, The British Journal of School Nursing, and the Journal of Family Health.

Emma established First Aid for Life in 2007 and it has grown steadily to become a multi award-winning practical and online first aid training business equipping thousands of carers, parents, teenagers, sports/health professionals and members of the public with the skills and confidence to help in a medical emergency.

Emma’s pivotal moment came when treating a little boy in the burns unit who was so badly scalded he needed skin grafts. Had his mother known basic first aid, he probably wouldn’t even have needed to be admitted to hospital. Emma says first aid treatment is so simple, and knowing what to do could have saved that little boy so much pain and scarring.”

As a mother and member of a huge, close family, Emma continually uses her first aid knowledge: I am forever grateful that I have the skill to quickly judge how seriously hurt or ill someone is and know the best way to help. This has enabled me to calmly administer first aid to my family at home and saved countless unnecessary trips to hospital. Now Emma wants to share that skill through her books and speaking engagements so that more families can calmly treat or if needed save the lives of their loved ones.

Burns, Falls and Emergency Calls

Emma’s second book is being heralded as the ultimate guide to the treatment and prevention of childhood accidents, helping you identify potential risks and do your best to keep children safe from birth right through to adulthood.

Packed full of real life experiences, anecdotes and sound advice, this book is designed to give you the skills and confidence to let your children develop and flourish, experiencing inevitable minor bumps and bruises, whilst preventing more serious mishaps. This book is a must-have for parents, teachers, child minders and anyone looking after children of any age.

Buy now on Amazon to download or in paperback.

Look inside using the preview link opposite.

Please Contact us for any further information, bulk orders, or requests for Emma to speak at your press or business event.



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