Are your kids mad about sport? Here’s something to give them the edge.

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It’s ALL About Developing A Positive Attitude  & Mind-Set To Improving Sports Performance.

I watch a lot of motivational videos to inspire & motivate me to be the best at what I do.

I am constantly reading, watching, learning or attending seminars to improve my skills.


Well, it’s not because I think I’m lacking in something. It’s more about striving to be the best I can be.

I am fascinated by excellence and helping children be the best they can be too – for themselves.

To fulfil their true UMLIMITED potential – not to please you or to fulfil your dreams for them.

But to inspire kids to live a full on interesting life. Not stressed out by constant testing, but by learning to be resilient & rising above the ups and downs of life without letting Life defeat them.

I am an NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer trained by Paul McKenna, Tony Robbins and Dr. Richard Bandler and I have found studying this aspect to life to be really transforming.

So what exactly is NLP ?

NLP is a bit like an ‘owners manual’ for your brain! At school and university we learn wonderful things like history and geography and algebra. But we don’t teach our kids how to feel good or how to have great relationships.

That’s where NLP comes in.

NLP is a set of insights and skills

Kids can use NLP methods and insights to be more in charge of their  thoughts and feelings.

…and to run their own lives more successfully.

…and to communicate with other people  much more effectively.

NLP is an ever-growing collection of information and insights into how we as human beings function, &  this is backed up by a huge range of mental NLP Techniques that can enable us to improve how we think, behave and feel – and to assist our kids into doing the same.

So, I wrote my ‘Can Do Kid Journal for Kids’ to help transform their thinking and self belief & to improve your child’s sporting, musical, academic or goal setting tenacity. As well as to improve their confidence and happiness.

Having a ‘Can Do Kid’ Attitude to Sporting Excellence.

What can reveal the most about an athlete in a matter of minutes & can make or break the outcome of a game or a competitive event?

Attitude, Mindset and Self Belief.

One factor that many athletes overlook is the role that attitude plays in sports performance and whether it’s wanting to become a professional tennis player, golfer or Olympic Athlete attitude plays a major role in achieving that dream.

I wrote my ‘Can Do Kid Journal for Super Heroes to help kids achieve their dreams and potential because I believe that a dream is really a goal with a date and that there five essential areas of attitude in sports performance.

1.The athlete’s ‘Can Do’ attitude to life.

2. The athlete’s belief in their ability to achieve their goals through taking small steps.

3.The tenacity to stick with their dreams no matter what the obstacles or setbacks.

4.The athlete’s attitude toward competition.

5. The athlete’s attitude toward winning and losing.

Building upon the aspect of recognising and establishing a good mental attitude toward competition, as well as the ability to control his or her mind in a positive way, is critical to overcoming negative thoughts or difficult situations in sport.

Aimed at children from 7-13 my ‘Can Do Kid Journal’ is all about helping children feel more confident, more assertive and more relaxed in all areas of their lives knowing that they have some tried and tested strategies, simple practical techniques, and a highly effective set of tools, empowering them to make some small changes quickly & easily that will make a COMPLETE difference to their lives.

The ‘Can Do Kid’ Journal will empower a generation of children to become creative, innovative, independent, resourceful, resilient & confident in their own abilities to try new things, and be resourceful enough to tackle anything and bounce back after setbacks.

It will build the positive mindset, motivation & long term self-confidence & self-worth that children need to succeed as they learn to develop a ‘Can Do Kid’ attitude to Life.

After teaching children for over 25 years as a Deputy Head & Class Teacher and now working with children to develop their self-esteem, self-confidence and resilience,  I want my ‘Can Do Kid Journal for Super Heroes’ to be my gift and my legacy to all children throughout the world.

What better gift can we give our children than the best gift of all …… the gift of self-esteem.

Can Do Kid Journal

Here’s my message to your children.

‘I believe you have greatness within you and you can do anything, achieve anything & go anywhere, if you have a CAN DO attitude.

This Journal is to inspire you to ‘have a go,’ ‘make mistakes’ & ‘dream big dreams.’ It’s about developing the mindset, motivation & confidence to take small steps towards making your dreams come true.

Having fun with these ideas in this journal will help you grow into a happy, healthy, resilient adult, able to reach your true unlimited potential. You can do ANYTHING that you set your mind to, if you take small steps of action, keep going after setbacks, and develop the determination to stick with something you really believe or want.’

This Journal is designed to empower children with the confidence they need to challenge themselves and to inspire them to explore their own unlimited potential in a world FULL of wonderful opportunities.

Click here to buy your kids my ‘Can Do Kid Journal for Super Heroes’

The ‘Can Do Kid’ Journal

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