How to help children concentrate and how to name your baby! Episode 18 of The Sue Atkins Parenting Show.

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Episode 17

Fidget spinners are the latest craze in our schools & they are very useful for some children to help them concentrate –  but should schools ban them?

Also, Sue was recently interviewed about baby names and what celebrities call their kids after Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne named their baby ‘Bear.’

There are also questions answered about imaginary friends and riding without stabilisers in another packed episode!

Tweet of the Week from @DrLynneKenney

15 Things To Say To Help An Anxious Child Find Calm from my great pal across the pond @DrLynneKenney – Dr. Lynne Kenney helps clinicians, teachers and parents improve kid’s thinking, self-regulation, behaviour and learning with Bloom BrainSmarts activities emphasising, music, rhythm, movement, creativity, communication, exercise and nutrition.

When children feel calm they are more competent, confident and ready to learn.

help thousands of children and young people discover the joys and benefits of walking or cycling, work with local communities to transform their neighbourhoods and campaign to improve everyday journeys for everyone.


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Also I was thrilled to get this testimonial from Mariessa  Devlin from Enchanted Forest Nurseries

“Time spent chatting to Sue Atkins is certainly time very well spent. Thank you highly recommended”


Topic 1 Fidget spinners 

Question ‘Dear Sue, my son James is struggling to master riding his bike and he really wants to, as he wants to cycle to school. Got any practical ideas about building his confidence ?’ Jess Boyle from Derby

Article The ultimate top tips to riding a bike without stabilisers

Cycling for the first time without stabilisers can be a very powerful memory for you, and for your child. It’s a milestone, a rite of passage and marks an achievement that will help build your child’s confidence and natural sense of adventure. And teaching your child to ride a bike is a wonderful memory-making moment for you too. So, grab that camera and get ready to see a beaming smile (and hopefully not a grazed knee!)

(Also it’s great exercise)

Here’s a guide to helping your child learn to ride a bike without stabilisers from the charity Sustrans that’s making it easier for people to walk and cycle. helps thousands of children and young people discover the joys and benefits of walking or cycling,  & they work with local communities to transform their neighbourhoods and they also campaign to improve everyday journeys for everyone.

The Can Do Kid Journal for Super Heroes by Sue Atkins

The highly acclaimed ‘Can Do Kids Journal for Super Heroes’

Delighted to have been endorsed by “Fundamentally Children” set up by Dr Amanda Gummer a research psychologist specialising in child development, she has set up three organisations – Fundamentally Children, FUNdamentals and Good Toy Guide Ltd, all of which promote the value of play and positive parenting in child development.

As we all become more aware of the key role of positive wellbeing, it’s important to find accessible ways to support children in building their confidence; and we had some truly amazing feedback from parents on the Can Do Kid Journal. The journal puts children in control, with its child-friendly language and a wonderful variation of fun and thoughtful tasks to dip in and out of. It’s fantastic for encouraging deep conversations and quality time between parents and their children, which is just as good for a child’s self-worth as the activities themselves.

We tested the journal with children who are fairly anxious and it was wonderful to see the positive impact on their attitude and thinking. The Can do Kid Journal is a great tool for parents to help tackle ‘confidence zapping’ problems – our testers said it helped their child focus on their good attributes and all the great things in their lives. The value of confidence and positive thinking can’t be underestimated; skills like this help children tackle life situations and inspire them to fulfil their potential.

Topic 2 What’s in a name?

Question “ Dear Sue, my son Max is constantly talking to his imaginary friend and makes up really detailed and complicated stories about him, should we nip this in the bud? We’re a bit worried – thanks Sue” Ros McCloud from Swansea

Article Enjoy the magic of imaginary friends.

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