Should we take our kids out of school for holidays and flight ban for wearing leggings! Episode 13 of The Sue Atkins Parenting Show.

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Episode 13

Topic 1 Taking Children Out Of School At Term Time

Question Hi Sue, I’m delighted to say that I’m pregnant with my 2nd child. But I’m worried about telling my little girl who’s 3 and if she’ll be jealous. What’s your advice? Tammy Clooney from Galway

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 Topic 2 Girls Banned For Wearing Leggings On a Flight !

Question ‘Hi Sue, my daughter Matilda aged 8 is having trouble with making friends at school. What advice can you give me?’ Shona Bassett from Cardiff

Article How do kids make friends?

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Michele Borba ‘Throw KINDNESS around like Confetti’ – Dr. Borba is a globally-recognised educational psychologist and parenting, bullying and character expert whose aim is to strengthen children’s empathy and resilience, and works tirelessly to break the cycle of youth violence. She has authored 24 books translated into 14 languages. Twitter @micheleborba – 119,000 followers


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Discussing every possible aspect of parenting, giving you advice and support on topics which affect your daily life. Each free, weekly episode is bursting with practical tips, techniques and ideas.

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