How to spot the cyberbullying signs and what to do if you see them, PLUS nurturing your child’s self esteem. Episode 10 of The Sue Atkins Parenting Show.

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

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Episode 10

The Sue Atkins Parenting Show

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Topic 1

How to spot the cyberbullying signs and what to do if you see them


10 Signs to Look out for as Parents:

  1. If your child appears nervous, tense or anxious when they receive a text, instant message, or email.
  2. They seem suddenly uneasy about going to school or they pretend to be ill regularly.
  3. They are unwilling to share information about their online activity.
  4. They develop unexplained anger or depression, especially after going online.
  5. They abruptly shut down or walk away from their computer/laptop/device mid-use.
  6. They withdraw from friends and family in real life ( more than a usual moody teenager)
  7. The develop unexplained tummy-aches or headaches.
  8. They have trouble sleeping at night.
  9. They begin to have unexplained weight loss or gain.
  10. They begin to have suicidal thoughts or make suicide attempts.

It’s crucial to keep your eyes & ears open for these warning signs that something is going wrong in their world.

If you notice some of these signs creeping into your child’s behaviour, it’s time to talk about what’s going on. Being the victim of cyberbullying is horrible, unnerving and frightening and is TOTALLY unacceptable, so don’t minimise the problem or ignore it. This is the time for your child to know that you are on their side, no matter what.

I appeared on ITV ‘This Morning’ doing a phone-in with Liam Hackett from the excellent leading international anti-bullying charity >  Ditch The Label please go and explore their resources.



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Topic 2

Self Esteem

Question Our 13 year old daughter really lacks self-confidence around people and self-esteem. She has recently experienced a group of “friends” turning out to be anything but and this caused her real issues in school. She looks much older as she is nearly 5′ 8″ but struggles with her emotions and talking to people other than me, her dad and brother. Can you help us Sue? I have just seen you on This Morning and thought you were fab!  – Kelly Jordan – from Sheffield

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